KayCoEco Trail Classroom


Come and see our Kay Co Eco Trail Outdoor Classroom!
​(located adjacent to the Farm Service Center, 5501 N Pleasant View Ave, Newkirk, Oklahoma)

The classroom was created with an Oklahoma Department of Tourism Recreational Trails Grant, a US Fish and Wildlife Grant, and many generous donations.  The classroom gives students of all ages the chance to observe, classify, measure, analyze, and interpret facts about the earth's natural res ources; water, air, plants, animals and soil.

A restored 1940's Aermotor windmill, an example of an alternative energy source, pumps water into the pond.  The sunflowers seen in the foreground attract bees to the butterfly and pollinator garden.







We collected Black Swallowtail caterpillars to pupate into butterflies









A Newkirk Pre-Kindergarten class helps spot the fish in our pond.

Planting and growing vegetables in our ​raised beds.





4th Graders act out the parts of a flower ​and show how pollination happens.


Take a walk around our 0.1 mile sidewalk loop and see how many wildlife tracks and leaves you can identify!
#10-white-tailed deer tracks ​
#2-Redbud leaves and seed pods

Kay Co Eco Brochure
Animal Print Key
Trail Map