Kay Co Eco Trail Outdoor Classroom

Photos of KayCoEco Trail and Nature's Creatures​

Nature's Creatures-Animals, Birds, Insects
Natural Resource Day May 10, 2013
250 students, teachers, and volunteers attended the Natural Resource Day featuring a puppet show and learning stations about Forestry, Soils, Water Quality and Macroinvertebrates, Dutch Oven Cooking, Powerline Safety, OSU Stream Trailer, Wildlife Skins & Skulls, Ag in the Classroom, and Fish Biology.  Schools participating were Blackwell Elementary 4th graders, Trout Elementary 5th graders, and St. Mary's Catholic School 3rd graders. 

Kay County Conservation District
5501 N Pleasant View Ave
​Newkirk, OK 74647

2015 Natural Resource Day

200 students and adults learned about conservation and agriculture on May 14 at the Jr. Livestock Center in Newkirk this year due to the rainy weather.  Students rotated through 9 learning stations and we greeted by Hopper the Frog to start off the day!