Kay County Conservation District
5501 N Pleasant View Ave
​Newkirk, OK 74647

EZ Flow Seeder
(at least a 35hp tractor recommended)
$5/acre ($50 minimum)

8 Yard Soil Mover
(at least 175hp tractor recommended)
$100/day ($100 minimum)

Poultry Litter Spreader
In County:                                   Out of County:
​$2.50/ton                                     $3.00/ton
​$50 delivery charge                     $2.00/loaded mile
$100minimum                     $100minimum
​              $50 refundable cleaning deposit
5 Yard Soil Mover
(at least 125hp tractor recommended)
$50/day ($50 minimum) 
Brillion Seeder
$12/acre or $10/acre >100 acres
​($50 minimum)
6 foot No-till Sprigger
(at least 70hp tractor recommended)
Waterways..........$35/acre ($50 minimum)
Pasture...............$15/acre ($50 minimum)

​Plat Books $45 + tax if not tax exempt

Plat Maps:     
Small (46" x 36") $45 + tax if not tax exempt     
Large (52" x 42") $60 + tax if not tax exempt

Seed Sales:
​call the office for pricing
Tye No-till Drill (70hp tractor recommended)
$10/acre ($100 minimum)

Great Plains No-till Drill             
$14/acre ($100 minimum)

Two & Three Row Spriggers
(at least 70hp tractor recommended)
Waterways.......$25/acre ($50 minimum)
Pastures...........$10/acre ($50 minimum)
Six Row Sprigger
​$20/acre or over 100 acres-$15/acre
Kay County Conservation District Rental Equipment
​Contact: Chris Janda, Engineering Aide.  
Phone (office) 580-362-2438 or (cell) 405-880-0835.  
Rental prices subject to change.  $50 delivery charge for all equipment.

Rental Equipment and Plat Book Sales​​